NaPodPoMo 2016

This year – that’s 2016, just in case this post survives past december ! – I decided to participate to NaPodPoMo : the “National” Podcast Post Month. Well it’s no longer “National” but… anyway.

So starting november 1st, I will publish one – small – episode per day. It’s going to be a music series, because, well, music podcasting is what I do (check out my regular podcast, Euterpia Radio, in french).

I have selected 30 tracks from to play on the series, but not just any tracks : I chose tracks that made it to the first place of the weekly charts. We will cover a period of almost 2 years, and we’ll get a chance to re discover – or just hear for the fist time – 30 tracks released under a Creative Commons licence.

Sounds fun ? So join me here on novembre 1st, 2016. Each episode will be available on this page. Or you can subscribe to the podcast feed ( to make sure you don’t miss an episode !

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