NaPodPoMo 2016 calendar

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Nov 30th Spread Your Wings (Niki J Crawford)
Nov 29th Wake Up In Your Love (H²O/Patio Bar Ballads/Carl André)
Nov 28th Love Knows The Way (Asha Lightbearer)
Nov 27th Moments (Yuri)
Nov 26th Do You Still Dream (Explosive Ear Candy)
Nov 25th Round and Round (Lawrence Beamen)
Nov 24th Midnight Mind (Ty Andelman)
Nov 23rd Feeling Good (Vienna Ditto)
Nov 22nd Spinning (Liv Margaret)
Nov 21st A Chacun Sa Peine (Kevin Bourgey)
Nov 20th Valentine In My Headphones (Port Of Est)
Nov 19th Age Of Flowers (Karissa Hobbs)
Nov 18th Keep It Inside (AnDy Darling)
Nov 17th Les files d’attente (Law’)
Nov 16th Dark Blonde Rises (LiVKi)
Nov 15th Possibilities (Jasmine Jordan)
Nov 14th The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton)
Nov 13th Lies Irae (Dopestars, Inc.)
Nov 12th Che (Thoola)
Nov 11th Acceptance (Stellar Art Wars)
Nov. 10th Cúnla (While Owl)
Nov. 9th My Melancholy Baby (ProleteR)
Nov. 8th Twenty Fith // Third (Ben K Adams)
Nov. 7th Mon mâle original (Law’)
Nov. 6th The Hackney Gentrification Song (Robin Grey)
Nov. 5th Randall Scandal (Maze)
Nov. 4th Young (Other Noises)
Nov. 3rd Living with the Pain (Fallen to Flux)
Nov. 2nd The Clap Hands Song (T Bird and the Breaks)
Nov. 1st No Doctor (Ay-14ice)
Oct. 31st Introduction
Oct. 30th The theme