Episode 02 – The Clap Hands Song (T Bird and the Breaks)

Hello, welcome to episode 2 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series, as we continue our journey through time.

Yesterday we heard “Ay-14ice” with “No doctor”, a track that stayed 13 weeks #1 in the CCHits.net weekly chart. The track today, well it’s a little bit less popular, considering that it appeared only once at the top of the chart. Still, it made it there, so I’m going to play it for you today.

The band is “T Bird and the Breaks“, and the track, taken from their 2011 album called “Never Get Out of this Funk Alive”, is “The Clap Hands Song”. It reached #1 in the chart on the 4th of January, 2015. And exactly as for “Ay-14ice”, I have no other information, as the band doesn’t seem to have a proper website. Facebook and Twitter are of no help with the bio either.

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Tomorrow we’ll have another great track, and we’ll talk about other podcasters who also do NaPodPoMo. Cciao ciao !

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