Episode 07 – Mon mâle original (Law’)

Hi, and welcome to episode 7 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. Today, as we finish the first week of this series, we’re going to listen to a french track !

On the 27th of october, 2013, the track “Mon mâle original” by “Law” was added to CCHits by none other than myself ! Almost two years after that, by way of being played on various other shows, that track reached number one of the CCHits.net weekly chart, on the 14th of June, 2016.

Law’ – which is short for Laurie – published her first album “Sans gêne ni oxygène” in september 2012. Since then, she participated in the 2015 french edition of The Voice, where she passed the blind auditions and the battles, and was eliminated in the knockouts. Still, she delivered a very impressive performance !

The best place to find more information about Law’ is probably her Facebook page or her Twitter account. She does have a website but it’s not been updated since 2013.

Also, if you liked the track, you can vote for it on CCHits.net !

Now, before I leave, I’d like to tell you about how I record my podcasts. A long time ago, I used to record all the spoken segments without the music playing, using Audacity, then I would edit all my mistakes, and after that I’d insert the music where it was supposed to be, run noise reduction filter, compression, etc… It took me about three times the duration of the show the record it properly ! Now, I prepare my playlist in iDJC, a wonderful open source software, I prepare my show notes, and I record “as live”. Yes, sometimes I make mistakes, and you can hear them, but I consider that it’s part of the show ! Recording as live – and sometimes, really live ! – is a great experience, and I strongly recommend you try it at least once if you’re doing a podcast.

Right, that’s it for today, tomorrow we start week 2 of the NaPodPoMo 2016 series, I hope you’ll be there, I sure will ! If you want to contact me regarding this podcast or anything else, yannick@frenchguy.ch is the way to do so !

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