Episode 08 – Twenty Fith // Third (Ben K Adams)

Hello, and welcome to episode 8 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series, a.k.a. the beginning of week two !

Today we’re going to listen to a track by Ben K Adams, entitled “Twenty Fith // Third”.

Taken from a 2013 album by the name of “The Betamax EP”. This track was number one on the CCHits.net chart on the 5th of July 2015.

Ben K Adams is from London, in the UK ; he’s a musician, a photograph, a videast, a designer, and probably many other things !

Musicwise, since 2013 he released two albums and two EPs, and all his music is available on Jamendo.

So let’s listen to “Twenty Fith // Third”, by Ben K Adams.

To discover all the things that Ben K Adams does, head over to his website, www.benkadams.com, or follow him on facebook at facebook.com/benkadamsmusic.

And once again, if you liked the song, vote for it on CCHits.net !

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