Episode 10 – Cúnla (White Owl)

Hello, welcome to the show, this is episode 10 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. Today we’re going back to 26th of July, 2015, which is when the russian band White Owl arrived at the top of the CCHits.net weekly chart.

White Owl are from Moscow, and they play, I quote, “music from different nations … with arrangements inspired from alternative rock, indie rock, folk, and even music from the renaissance”.

They have one EP and one album available on Jamendo, but they seem to have disappeared from the music scene since 2010. I wasn’t able to find any web presence, except from an outdated Myspace page… Well I guess everything is outdated on Myspace anyway …

So we’re going to listen to a track called “Cúnla”, and if my informations are correct, this is a cover of a 14th century irish lullaby, which has been sung by many artists like The Dubliners, The Chieftains and Christy Moore, just to name a few.

White Owl’s version of Cúnla can be found on their album Pepper, which was released in september 2016

As usual, if you liked this track, you can vote for it on CCHits.net, and visit While Owl’s Jamendo page for more music like this.

An interesting fact about this track, is that it was not posted to CCHits by the usual suspect – that would be Dave from the Bugcast -, but buy The Linux Ham Shack podcast, so thanks to them for contributing to the ever growing music library that CCHits.net is. Thanks also to Jon The Nice guy, who started and maintains CCHits, for giving me the opportunity to contribute to his site, and for giving me access to the raw data, so that I could do some data mining !

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