Episode 13 – Lies Irae (Dopestars, Inc.)

Hello, welcome, episode 13

Today we’re going to listen to an italian band name Dopestars Inc.

They describe themselves as, and I quote their Bandcamp profile : “A brand new dirty vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery”.

Their music is a mix of Industrial, Techo, Rock, and all kinds of good stuff, and it was featured in many video games and movies.

The track “Lies Irae” is taken from their 2011 release “Ultrawired“.

Dopestars Inc. were on Jamendo, but they’re not there anymore. I don’t know why they took their music out of the site, especially since it’s available on Bandcamp for a “name your price” price, with no minimum. Maybe it has to do with the licence, but as far as I know, the CC licence is irrevocable, so taking the song out of Jamendo doesn’t take the Creative Commons aspect away, lucky for us.

One place where you can still find the song, besides Bandcamp, is CCHits.net, so if you like the track, please vote for it over there, especially since I put it there !

That’s it for episode 13, tomorrow we will end the 2nd week of NaPodPoMo 2016, I hope you’ll be there !

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