Episode 17 – Les file d’attente (Law’)

Hello, welcome to the show, this is episode 17 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. Today, we will listen to the only repeated artist of the series.

Yes that’s right, over a period of two years, 30 tracks became number one on the CCHits.net chart, and only one artist had two tracks there. And I am very proud because it’s a french artist ! Now, if you’ve listened to the previous episodes of this series, you already know that I’m talking about Law’, the french girl who participated in the french edition of The Voice. So I’m sending you back to episode 7 to learn all about Law’.

Facebook and Twitter are the best places to find more information about Law’, and if you want this track to come back to the top spot of the chart, please vote for it on CCHits.net.

Do you want more Creative Commons music ? Come back tomorrow then ! Until then, take care of yourselves, ciao ciao !

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