Episode 18 – Keep It Inside (AnDy Darling)

Hello and welcome, this is episode 18 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. Today, we have a track … and that’s pretty much all I have for you !

Well, at least I have the name of the singer/composer/song writer, she’s a woman from Czechoslovakia named AnDy Darling, and the track is “Keep It Inside”. It is apparently taken from an EP, but that’s all I have, her Jamendo profile is empty, she has no website, and her Facebook page just says “Heeeeey! I’m a singer/songwriter who is totally obsessed with music”.

Facebook, though, is probably the best place to find more information about AnDy Darling, and by best I mean, just a little bit better than nothing at all. That shouldn’t prevent you from voting for this track on CCHits.net.

If you want to contact me give me some feedback about this series, or to ask me questions, you can do so by sending an email at yannick@frenchguy.ch, or on Twitter @frenchguych, or facebook.com/frenchguych

Well that’s it for episode 18, see you tomorrow for episode 19, until then, take care of yourselves, ciao ciao !

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