Episode 20 – Valentine In My Heaphones (Port Of Est)

Good morning, and welcome to show 20 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. In our journey through time, we are now stopped on the 15th of May, 2016, which is the day Port of Est reached the top of the chart on CCHits.net, with their track “Valentine In My Headphones”.

Formed in 2013, Port of Est is the creative alliance of vocalist Hannah Tarkinson and producer Todd Kitchens, one that speaks fluently in the dialects of multiple influences such as IDM, drum and bass, shoegaze, hip hop, electronic pop, ambient, folk, and indie rock.

Port of Est delivers with a synth-layered and rhythmically complex machine giving way to a melodically lush vocal humanity. “Our music is electronic at its core, but has an unmistakable analog vibe,” Kitchens says. “This allows us to maintain a hands-on creative approach that provides room for spontaneity and fresh ideas.” This collision of nature and nurture creates a unique tension and synthesis that resolves in the listener becoming part of the narrative.

Facebook, Twitter, and portofestofficial.com are the places you can go to find out more about this duo, while here is the place to go to get the link to vote for this track on CCHits.net.

This is the end of episode 20, which means we’ve done 2 third of this series, I still have plenty of very good Creative Commons track to play in the next 10 days, so if you don’t want to miss an episode, subscribe to this series using the link in the show notes. Also, should you wish to send me feedback, that’s super easy, just send me an email at yannick@frenchguy.ch. I’ll catch you tomorrow for episode 21, until then, take care of yourselves, ciao ciao !

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