Episode 25 – Round and round (Lawrence Beamen)

Hiya !!! Welcome to episode 25 of my NaPodPoMo 2016 series. Today, to change a bit from those last days, I do have a full bio about the artist I’m about to play !

That artist is Lawrence Beamen. Here’s what his bio says on his website : “I experience music as a gift from God. Every song that I sing is a devotion of the heart, and I strive to inspire the hearts of my listeners. Whether it is Christian, Classical, Adult Contemporary, R&B, or Negro Spiritual, the throughline is felt with soulful intention. Through song, I bring back the depth of Barry White, the soul of Mahalia Jackson, and the honesty and rhythm of Bill Withers, because music is the power!”

lawrencebeamen.com is the website where you’ll find all the information you may need, he’s also on Facebook and Twitter of course, and you can vote for this track on CCHits.net.

That’s it for today’s episode, join me tomorrow for episode 26, until then, take care of yourselves, ciao ciao !

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