Episode 26 – Do You Still Dream (Explosive Ear Candy)

Bonjour, soyez les bienvenus, nous somme le 26 novembre 2016 et vous écoutez donc le 26ème épisode de ma série NaPodPoMo 2016.

It was about time, I think, that I throw a little bit of french in this series ! Next year, I might do the whole series in french !

Anyway, today we’re going to listen to a track that I put on CCHits.net myself. It is a track I played on the first ever episode of The Bugcast that I co-hosted with Lainey, it is called “Do you still dream”, by Explosive Ear Candy.

Explosive Ear Candy is the brainchild of the muse-infested mind of L.A based songwriter Tal More who collaborates with incredible musicians and vocalists to record his music. Explosively infectious Pop/Rock and other furry animals ranging from the purely fun to the more artistic and deep.

The usual suspects are at the usual places, and by that I mean that all the links to his website, facebook page, twitter account, and CCHits.net voting page, are all in the shownotes over at frenchguy.ch

Voila, c’est tout pour aujourd’hui, on se retrouve demain si tout va bien, d’ici là, prenez soins de vous, ciao ciao !

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